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CAD and Mechanical Engineering PDF Print E-mail

3D CADMechanical engineers, architects and industrial designers create complex 3D models in their computer. But how do you look at a 3D design and make sure it is the way you want it to be? Or more importantly, how do you show a project to clients so they can understand how it will really look? A stereoscopic view will help both the designer and the client get a more accurate understanding of depth and position within a design. It helps you see a building or part the way it will truly look before it is built.  Mining processing operations are under increasing pressure to meet the demands of improved safety, lower operating costs,  improved maintenance, with an increase in product quality. To assist with meeting the present and future industry challenges, the design of new equipment and processes can be dramatically improved through the use of virtual reality technology like the DTI Virtual Window 19.   The 3D CAD tools used increasingly by engineers, designers and planners are all compatible with DTI autostereoscopic monitors.  Improved visualizationthrough the use of DTI autostereoscopic monitors and 3D modeling techniques in equipment design, operation, and safety aspects will increase the efficiency of your design cycle.


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To determine which VR4MAX software products you'll need for interactive stereoscopy contact us by phone at 1 888 813 6950 (USA & Canada) or 1 585 436 3530 (outside USA) or by email.

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