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Architecture, Interior/Landscape Design PDF Print E-mail

3D Architectural DesignUse your laptop and a DTI Virtual Window 19 and architects, city planners, and builders can take people on a virtual tour of their dream home before finalizing the design or proposed community changes, building designs or modifications. There are a variety of design programs which support OpenGL. The new DTI Virtual Window is supported by OpenGL. It is easy to add a superb 3D vision tool with "WOW 3D". The best on the planet.

Now architects, builders, and community planners can add 3D vision with Real Depth to their virtual reality "Tolls". A building can be created as a navigable, interactive, and immersive experience while still being designed, so that both architect and client can experience the structure and make changes before construction begins. It has been said that every building
built today is actually a physical prototype, leaving little room for input or changes until after construction. Virtual reality would allow for an electronic prototype to be created and modified, so that costly changes during or after construction are avoided.

Clients will want to experience their house or building in virtual reality before final designs are completed and construction begins. The VW 19 is a valuable tool for home builders and real-estate developers to help sell and visualize their designs. Why build expensive model homes or demonstration spaces when prospective buyers can see the range of options electronically?  City planners can use the VW 19 and its deep depth of field to consider various changes in the community, greatly assisting the work of zoning and planning boards.


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