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TriDef® Software

TriDef® Windows Software

Digital Dynamic Depth (DDD) has provided 2D to 3D conversion services for Hollywood studios and advertisers.

In 2004, DDD’s accumulated experience and expertise in off-line content conversion, combined with the steady advance in processing power, produced a suite of automated algorithms that comes as close as possible to replicating the quality of their off-line process. This technology has recently been deployed in DDD's TriDef® DVD Player which converts any DVD to 3D on the fly. This technology enables you to enjoy any DVD in Real-Depth 3DTM on your Virtual Window®!

TriDef® Visualizer software enables 3D output in a number of applications which do not have inherent support for 3D. Amira, Axel, BioMedCAChe WorkSystem, Cortona VRML Client 4.2, DS ViewerPro 5.0, EON Studio, GOCAD, OrthoCAD, Surpac Vision 5.0, SolidWorks eDrawings viewer, Spartan 2.0, SpinFire Pro and vCollab are programs which can support 3D for display on your Virtual Window® with the addition of TriDef® Visualizer

TriDef® 3-D Experience

Includes TriDef® Media Player which allows you to watch a wide variety of 2D media files, like .avi and .mpg in Real-Depth 3D! and TriDef® DVD Player for Windows which converts your 2D DVDs into 3D in real-time. Now you can watch any DVD in Real-Depth 3D! 
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TriDef® Photo Transformer

TriDef® Photo Transformer Suite allows you to convert your ordinary 2D photographs into Real-Depth 3D photosgraphs. Now you can view your photos in a whole new dimension on your Virtual Window® display. 
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TriDef® Visualizer

TriDef® Visualizer enables Real-Depth 3D in Amira®, BioMedCAChe WorkSystem, Spartan, Cortona VRML Client, Discovery Studio DS Viewer Pro, SpinFire Professional, Pymol, and Swiss PDB Viewer. 
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"Another advantage of DTI's technology is that three people can sit comfortably next to each other at arm's length from the screen and still observe the 3D effect."

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